Politician Morality Logic Challenge

I just sent the following email to my Congressman. Somehow I doubt he’ll actually reply, but this needed to be said.

Dear Mr. Harris,

In response to my email stating that I do not support HR 3, you stated:

“I feel that taxpayers who believe abortion is wrong should not have their federal tax dollars used to pay for abortions.”

As a Quaker and a Buddhist, I believe that war and military actions are wrong. By your logic, I should not have my federal tax dollars used to fund wars or military actions. Would you support the actions of Quakers and others whose faiths prompt them to find war unjust and immoral to not pay the portion of their income taxes that’s used to fund war? If not, how can you claim that one group of people—those who find abortion immoral—should be allowed special treatment by the government to prevent their tax dollars from being used in a way they’d find morally abhorrent while another—those who find war immoral—are denied this?

Please don’t reply with a form email.




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2 responses to “Politician Morality Logic Challenge

  1. Paul

    Great point. Let us know if the he replies.

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