Confusion and Applause: A Slogan Post

Today’s slogan post is:

Seeing confusion as the four kayas is unsurpassable shunyata protection.

Pema Chodron’s explanation is absolutely necessary for today’s slogan:


  1. Thoughts pop out of nowhere–dharmakaya.
  2. Thoughts are unceasing–sambhogakaya.
  3. They are not solid–nirmanakaya.
  4. All together: no birth, no dwelling, no cessation–svabhavikakaya.

Shunyata: complete openness.

…Okay. I admit that I have trouble with slogans like this one, ones that rely on an understanding of Tibetan Buddhist words that I just don’t have. I think the point of today’s slogan is to realize that confusion is caused by thoughts, which pop out of nowhere, are unceasing, and not solid, and that realizing this allows one to remain open in a situation where one would normally succumb to confusion, panic, and close down.

I will try to keep this one in mind today, but the slogan I really would like to tell you all about is one that’s so important it’s taped to my monitor. This also means that it’s a slogan EVERY DAY instead of one that I pull out of the pile, so I want to make sure I have the chance to talk about it.

Don’t expect applause.

I constantly struggle with this one, but I’m reminding myself of it today because I’ve been falling into that trap recently with my Monthly Meeting. I want people to notice what I’ve done, I want to feel appreciated, I want to be thought of as a “weighty Friend”, etc.

And this leads me to an important question: when I serve the Meeting, am I doing it from a desire to follow God’s will or from a desire to serve my pride?

I need to keep this in mind today.


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