Statement of Faith

Disclaimer: This is not meant to become my own personal creed. It’s just an exercise so that, perhaps years from now, I can go back to this statement and see what’s changed and what hasn’t. This is also not meant to encompass all of my beliefs, just what comes to mind at this moment.

I believe in one God with infinite faces. He created the universe and all that is in it (perhaps as the “Prime Mover” Aristotle speaks of). But He also left His mark.

I believe in Jesus the man, who spoke in parables, and was crucified.

I believe in Jesus as a mediator between us and God. I believe in Him as the image we are given of one of God’s many faces.

I believe in the Holy Spirit as the sight that allows us to see God, and that within us that leads us to him. I also believe in the Holy Spirit as God’s fingerprint or mark upon all of His creations. When I speak of “that of God” or “the Light within” or “the Christ within”, this is what I mean.

I believe that heaven and hell are not physical places, or metaphysical locations for the soul, but conditions that reflect the soul’s closeness or distance from God.

I believe that life is sacred.

I believe that I am not capable of accurately judging anyone but myself.

I believe that all creation, people as well as animals, must be treated with respect.

I believe that people are inherently good and that I should react to that of God in each person.

I believe that I can find God best in silence, but also believe that He can be found at any moment.


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